Friday, December 16, 2016

Elliephoto Wedding Photography Gallery

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Elliephoto Wedding Photography
If there is one thing that you should not miss when it comes to planning a wedding then it would be the wedding photography. After all, weddings are memorable occasions and the best way to document them for posterity sake is through good photographs. When does the magic begin? Elliephoto knows the importance of capturing those special moments during your weddings so we always come up with creative wedding ideas that will make your photographs a showcase of this momentous occasion.
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Intimate Boudoir Photography in DC

Intimate Boudoir Photography
Intimate Boudoir Photography
Capture your intimate moment with unique style. Nowadays boudoir photography is very popular in USA. Ellie Photo provides intimate boudoir photography in DC area. So, you can contact us (571) 399-5044 or visit our official website We try to full fill your needs with our best quality photo shoot.

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to do the Modeling Photography?

To become a good photographer you can opt for the photography courses that are available in USA. The courses in photography will help you to become the best and reputable photographer if you choose the best institute of the photography. The best and the highly reputable institute will help you to become the best photographer. While you are selecting, the photography colleges ensure that they provide the practical training to the students so that it may help you to learn the photography basics effectively. It is not difficult for a person to become a photographer. It actually depends on upon the interests of the person as well as the imagination and ideas of the person.

Modeling photography is also a type of photography, in which the pictures captures of the models, is in a commendable and stylish poses. There are many photographers who are opting for the modeling photography as they get chances to visit the different locations to do the photography of the models. The image of the models can be captured by the expert modeling photographer very much perfectly at anywhere in the perfect location even they can capture the photos during the models walking on the ramp.
Modeling Photography
Modeling Photography

Here are some tips that will help you to do the modeling photography very much perfectly-
·         Make a plan- Just make a plan what type of photographing on the model you want to have. Choose the theme of the photography. The theme is necessary to have the photo to get captured very much perfectly. The shooting of the photography of the model depends upon the best and suitable theme.

·         Search the one who could be the best model for you- Once the theme is decided regarding the photography of the model, just make the search for the best and suitable model that may fulfill all the requirement of yours at higher satisfaction level. Try to make the advertisement get the good model into the newspapers, magazines, and posters or even on the internet too. Also, you can post the advertisement on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Google+ too.

·         Select the best one- There will be a large number of models applying to become the model. Choose the best one which fulfills all your requirements and desires at satisfactory high levels.

·         Teach the model- Just make the model to get well known about the modeling. Make the model to learn how to give good and eye catching poses. It is very much necessary to give training to the model so that the model and you may not find any difficulties in doing the photography.

·         Make all the settlements- To do the shooting effectively just choose the best and unique place so that you and model may get full of thrill in doing the photography. According to the theme choose the place that makes suits the requirements and satisfy all your needs.

These are some of the tips to do the modeling photography. Make it sure that you choose the best and impressive model for the modeling photography

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Choose the Best Photographer for the Corporate Event Photography

Incorporate there are only two types of photography exists, that are the event photography and the other one is the portrait photography. At each and every event that is organized in the corporate sector, the photographer is arranged for the photography, who could give them a full and high level of satisfaction of photos so that they may, later on, can refresh the memories by those photographs. The corporate event photography simply means that capturing the pictures of all the employees working in particular enterprises as well as the guest of the evening who have gathered there for the corporate events like the birthday party, New year celebration party, Farewell Party, Receptions, Christmas party, Diwali party, Sales events, etc. The corporate portrait photography simply means capturing the formal images of working employees for the website, newspapers and Magazines too.
corporate event photography
Corporate Event Photography
As you know that doing the photography, whether it is for wedding events or school or college events or any of the events is not an easy task. The one who is working as the photographer must ensure by himself that he must be able to fulfill all the needs of the client who is offering him for the photography to make the event everlasting.  A photographer must be assured to get the task that is offered to him on time and with full perfection too. Capturing the images, pictures and doing the video recording for nay of the vent is a very much challenging task. The photographer must be perfect and should take the offer only when he is fully prepared and have the confidence to get the work done with high quality.
Follow some of the under listed tips that will surely help you to do the photography very much perfectly in the corporate events to satisfy all the peoples with giving the high quality of the work.

·         Understand that photography is very much responsible job- For a photographer, it is very much necessary to get understand that photography is very much a responsible job as well as challenging too. If suppose you are offered to do the photography at an event, it becomes very much necessary to understand that doing the photography is very much challenging job. The client is fully dependent on you, and the client only trusts and put on you that you will offer him with the high quality of the work done for him.

·         Have right equipment and techniques- To go for the photography, you must necessarily make it sure that you must arrange and get the right tools and equipment before you accept the offer from the client. The right equipment and tools will surely help to take the photographs with high quality and may satisfy the client.

·         Give good and high quality of output- High quality of work will offer you to get more and more chances to do the photography for that particular client. It will also automatically increase your goodwill in the market too.
These are some points that can be followed up by you to do the photography very much perfectly to get more offers. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Incredible Professional Photography Techniques

Photography as a profession or a hobby is an incredibly expensive thing that covers a vast range of subjects from science to arts. There is always learning in professional photography.
To provide you some valuable and verifiable information in one place, here is a set of guidelines that is intended to help the photographers immediately improve their professional photography store of knowledge.

High dynamic range photography

This effect is used by most of the photographers because it allows a great range of values between light and dark. Within such professional photography, there is an overlapping of the shots with the same subject in three exposure brackets (under-exposed one, normal and over-exposed). In this case, Photoshop also works fine.

Professional Photography
Professional Photography

High-speed photography

This technique includes breaking of glass, blowing balloons, etc. and it reveals certain structures that aren’t seen with the naked eye. This is basically a technique to capture events of high speed. Shutter speeds for high-speed photography are much faster, as fast as 1/8000th of a second, only then the photographer starts to take the advantage of freezing the moment and eliminating the motion blur at the same time.

Bokeh photography
This technique consists in producing subjectively pleasing blur and out of focus areas by playing with the focus. This effect usually happens to the part that lies outside the depth of field. Bokeh is most often visible when taking a close up picture of a subject with nice clear lighting and it works best around small background highlights.

Soft focus photography
This effect is produced with a special lens that produces soft lines in a slightly blurred image that retains sharp edges. This style being a dreamy one is used in many wedding photography. There are some settings in the modern cameras that let you create soft focus effects.

Professional Photography
Professional Photography

Infrared photography
It is the art of capturing the infra-red light that is now made possible with the digital camera. A colored IR filter is needed to buy that best suits the camera. Simply place an IR filter in front of the lens, the camera adjusts itself to accommodate IR wavelength blocking the visible light. This technique works best with a bright overhead sun for maximum IR reflection since it is hard to see anything when using an IR filter camera.

Fisheye photography
While using this fisheye lens, photographers can produce some very interesting and intriguing results with a highly unusual perspective. Such a wide angle allows you to pack the whole scene in one small picture. Now, it is highly used to record half a sphere with an artistic and humorous effect.

Pinhole photography
This technique can go with any high-end costly equipment to get beautiful results. The pinhole camera is actually a camera with no lens and a single small aperture. To use a pinhole effect, it is possible to use DSLR with some modifications. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the distortions because no lens is involved here. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Make Memories by Family Photography - It's so Important Our Life

This is a very debatable topic. People argue about that a lot of times. Imagine you are having a great time with your family. You invited all your aunts, cousins, uncles and family friends to your house. Everyone is talking, eating and laughing. But you don’t give priority to that time and take out your camera and start taking pictures of everyone. The whole talking and laughing change to people getting dress up and trying to look good for the pictures. Do you need to take pictures when you are having a great time? Here are some key facts that you need to bear in your mind when deciding if you want to do family photography or live in those moments.

Mom and Son Family Photography
Family Photography

Do you want to show-off?
So you and your family went to hiking, or your family had a big, expensive dinner in a lavish restaurant. What should it mean to you? You loved your family and had a pleasure going outside with them and spending time with your parents and siblings. But what it means to you is that you want to take pictures of you and your family so that later in the day you will be able to post them on your social media pages. You intend to get 50+ likes and, even more, comments on your pictures. Altogether, if I had to conclude this act, you want to “show-off.” Although this is a very common practice being common does not mean it is correct. You have to set your priorities straight. Do not waste the quality time you luckily got with your family in doing something that does not mean much to you.

What is more Important?
Take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Be honest and think about it. What do you want? Do you want to have a cheerful outing or you just want to take pictures during the tour? Pictures are permanent however people are temporary. In no way, I’m saying that you should not entirely take pictures. One word to describe what I am trying to say is prioritizing. See what it means to go out with your family or cousins. They may stay at your house for just a week. You may never see them again. Try to live in the moment. Try to give importance to things that are worthy of it.
Make Memories by Family Photography
Single Family Photography

Make Memories not Pictures
People have an obsession to capture every other moment. They have a desperate need to take a photo of whatever is happening. Whether you are eating, playing or even fighting, they would take a picture of it. These people have cameras or phones attached to their hands and take them out whenever they feel the necessity for it. What they are missing is the quality time with their families. This valuable time that they don’t give enough importance to is more expensive than diamonds and worth more than a thousand years. This should be realized before it is too late.