Thursday, May 25, 2017

Essential Family Portrait Hacks Everyone Should Know

Family photography is all about fun and cherishing the best moments with your loved ones. As such, it should be something everyone is looking forward to, including dad! For someone who has never done a family portrait before however, feeling intimidated or freaking out is so easy. The good news is, you can always sweep clean that fear and replace it with confidence, charisma, and creativity. Only a few tips stand between you and that wow factor in family photography. We’ll help you breach that gap in this post.

Family Photography
Family Photography

Stagger the heads
You might have heard this before but probably didn’t know what it meant. When taking a family photograph, the number one thing you need to avoid is that boring straight line of heads. For a scenic family portrait, consider doing diagonal lines with the heads. For a moment, let each person imagine that there is a drawn the line between each face and the other. Small folding stools can come handy in achieving this. You can have some people sit while the others stand. At the end of the day, all that is important is having the heights staggered.

Bend, if that is what it takes
If you look at most family photographs, you will notice many people with stiff postures. It shouldn’t be so. Family photo shoot sessions are moments to look relaxed and feel natural. Keeping that stiff posture makes someone feel like your boss was blatantly staring at you while taking the family photo. If possible, have everyone bend to create that natural look. In some cases, you might want them to shift weight to one foot, sticking out one hip in the process. Yet another brilliant idea is leaning forward a bit for those who might prefer sitting while taking the shots. The idea of crossing one foot over the other for those who are standing can also work perfectly.

Family Photography
Family Photography

Let kids be kids
Most parents often insist on making their kids adopt certain postures while taking family photos. While it might be necessary restraining your children at some points but sticking to serious photo poses for the kids spoils the fun. Instead of thinking of weird ways to make the kid look good, simply bring along some favorite books or toys and let the kids have their moment. From the onset, they need to have in mind that family photography is all about fun. Make some funny noises, sing ‘stupid songs’ and just let the environment be accommodating. Little Johnnie will unleash some photo styles you have never dreamy of!

It’s all about having fun
You need not to take yourself too seriously when posing for family portraits. It is supposed to be your moment, and not even seriousness should take that away from you. Along the way, squeeze some group squish and have some wacky shots. Try jumping in their air and make goofy faces; they will make the best shots. You can even consider a pile on down. At the end of the day, all you need to do is make it fun and have everyone enjoy the photo shoot!