Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Make Memories by Family Photography - It's so Important Our Life

This is a very debatable topic. People argue about that a lot of times. Imagine you are having a great time with your family. You invited all your aunts, cousins, uncles and family friends to your house. Everyone is talking, eating and laughing. But you don’t give priority to that time and take out your camera and start taking pictures of everyone. The whole talking and laughing change to people getting dress up and trying to look good for the pictures. Do you need to take pictures when you are having a great time? Here are some key facts that you need to bear in your mind when deciding if you want to do family photography or live in those moments.

Mom and Son Family Photography
Family Photography

Do you want to show-off?
So you and your family went to hiking, or your family had a big, expensive dinner in a lavish restaurant. What should it mean to you? You loved your family and had a pleasure going outside with them and spending time with your parents and siblings. But what it means to you is that you want to take pictures of you and your family so that later in the day you will be able to post them on your social media pages. You intend to get 50+ likes and, even more, comments on your pictures. Altogether, if I had to conclude this act, you want to “show-off.” Although this is a very common practice being common does not mean it is correct. You have to set your priorities straight. Do not waste the quality time you luckily got with your family in doing something that does not mean much to you.

What is more Important?
Take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Be honest and think about it. What do you want? Do you want to have a cheerful outing or you just want to take pictures during the tour? Pictures are permanent however people are temporary. In no way, I’m saying that you should not entirely take pictures. One word to describe what I am trying to say is prioritizing. See what it means to go out with your family or cousins. They may stay at your house for just a week. You may never see them again. Try to live in the moment. Try to give importance to things that are worthy of it.
Make Memories by Family Photography
Single Family Photography

Make Memories not Pictures
People have an obsession to capture every other moment. They have a desperate need to take a photo of whatever is happening. Whether you are eating, playing or even fighting, they would take a picture of it. These people have cameras or phones attached to their hands and take them out whenever they feel the necessity for it. What they are missing is the quality time with their families. This valuable time that they don’t give enough importance to is more expensive than diamonds and worth more than a thousand years. This should be realized before it is too late.