Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mastering Commercial Photography on a Shoestring Budget

A picture is worth a thousand words but in the corporate world, it might as well be worth a thousand dollars in revenue! Look out for the most successful online sale shops worldwide, and you will realise one inevitable trend; they invest in spectacular, quality images. Commercial photography is more than what people see on the surface. Would you like to turn normal browsers into buyers? Well, you can achieve that in a painless way; take the best shots. Unlike what many people think, however, taking quality commercial photographs must not cost you an arm and a tooth. You can have high-quality product photographs on your priority list but still go slow on your budget. How exactly can one achieve this? Let’s consider a couple of DIY tips.
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography

Perfect the Lighting
What kind of background and lighting would you need for your product? You need to figure out this before embarking on photo shooting. Ordinarily, it will be different setting up lights for a wine bottle and a phone. For a simple and cost effective approach, you can choose a seamless white background with a white poster board. You can tape this to the bottom of a clear plastic bag, which has been flipped on its side. For the lighting side, you will need at least two lights. They don’t have to cost you more than $10. Attach them to the upper side of the plastic container. You will also need a pair of cool colored bulbs. You can further enhance the lighting by having Plexiglas placed under the product to provide subtle reflection.

Keep the Set-Up Simple and Perfect
If you are to pull out anything spectacular, then much time should be invested in the setup. One aspect you would probably want to consider when setting up the shooting scene is the size of the product. For instance, photographing jewelry will need a smaller set up with a sense of floating technique, especially for the earrings. For such smaller products, it will be necessary making marks on the exact positions you would love the products to be. This way, it will be easier for you moving the products one after the other for shooting. In the case of larger products, say couches or refrigerators for instance, you will need an entire room for your staging environment.

Spend Time Editing
After the shooting expedition comes the critical part, editing. Embracing this time gives you an opportunity of enhancing the look of your photos and doing a necessary clean up. The right editing software can make you conceal some flaws you might have made during shooting. You can take advantage of a variety of editing software like Adobe Lightroom. Alternatively, you can opt for free applications like Picasa.

With everything said, you probably want to remember one last important aspect; take your time. Besides money and other resources, you will need to invest your time in coming up with the best commercial photographs. Be patient and ready to make necessary changes whenever necessity commands so. Nature will reward your hard work.